Friday 28th September 2012 - Married for 754 days

About Us


MelanieMelanie Marie Armstrong.



StevenSteven Charles Darbey


How we met...

Melanie first set her eyes on Steve at work as he walked past her window about 10am every morning, thinking, geez he is alreet! Melanie could not believe her luck when she bumped into him in Perdu in Newcastle on a night out. For some reason (possible ridiculous amounts of alcohol), we let each other go without swapping numbers.

For the next year Melanie would, watch Steve walk past her window and wonder what exactly happened in the bar that night! Steve working in the building opposite would also wonder what happened in the bar that night, and what could have been if he had got her number, not knowing his every action was been followed.

Then as if by magic a year on there she is again, in Purdu, Princess Melanie with a bright light surrounding her, the Woman of his dreams, the one he thought had slipped away. The rest is history!

The proposal...

Where do you take a Beautiful Princess? where else, Venice!

Getting lost in the back streets trying to find the restaurant for an hour nearly threw a spanner in the works. However, for some unknown reason, she said yes and here we are!